Help protect our vital water resources! Take action now.

UPDATE March 8, 2018 - The consultation period has now ended. The Province will be reviewing the feedback received from thousands of Ontarians. As soon as the next steps in growing the Greenbelt to protect more of our critical water systems from development pressures and climate change are announced, we will post more information on this website. Stay tuned!


The Province has announced a consultation process to protect critical water systems from encroaching development pressures, and your support can make sure they follow through. 

Water is essential to the health and prosperity of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, home to over 9 million people and some of Canada’s most fertile farmland. Unless we’re vigilant, demands on the region’s water resources will undermine our safe and reliable source of fresh water. 


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    Bernard Pope | Simcoe County Farmer Ontario Farmland Preservation

    "I encourage the government to move forward to take the bold and wise step to expand the Greenbelt; a major step forward to ensure the viability of farms and farmers as well as food security in this province.

    Organizations that have worked with the government, to this end, must applaud this positive announcement and should commit to continuing support of healthy agricultural systems."

    Margaret Atwood | Author and Activist

    "Protecting and expanding the Greenbelt means protecting our clean, safe, and adequate water supply and our local food supply, guarding against floods and pollution, and ensuring a balance between healthy human populations and the resources they need. Getting that balance wrong can lead not only to misery and ugliness but also to death. The recent lessons of Flint, Michigan, should not be lost on us." 

    Emery Huszka | Farmer and Head of the National Farmers Union-Ontario

    "Growing the Greenbelt in Brant County is a positive step to safeguard its rich farmland, its water resources, and its natural heritage, which protects against climate change and fosters the local farming economy, while giving farmers security to make long-term investments in their farming communities. "

    Dr. Emil Frind | PhD, P.Eng. Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo

    "Land and water are our most vital natural resources. The Greenbelt will not only preserve our natural environment, but also the water resource by protecting groundwater recharge areas. Waterloo Region has shown that the protection of recharge areas is a critical component for securing water sustainability over the long term."  

    Arlene Slocombe | Executive Director, Wellington Water Watchers

    “More than 90 per cent of Ontarians agree that the Greenbelt is one of the most important contributors to the future of the province. Wellington County should be included in this expanded “bluebelt” to protect our water! We need comprehensive and effective regional protection of our critical potable water resources, working lands and natural heritage systems.”


    Richard Tunstall | President of the Langford Conservancy, Brant County Organic Farmer

    "If you're serious about protecting farmland, then growing the Greenbelt in Brant County and elsewhere is an absolute necessity."


    Avia Eek | Farmer and Councillor, Township of King

    "My husband, Bill, and I operate Eek Farms in the Holland Marsh. This year, the driest in 20 years, having access to the water from Lake Simcoe equates to our ability to feed people. Creating a Bluebelt will help to ensure a level of food security... Considering that 2% of the population feeds the other 98%, it is crucial that our Farmers can rely on clean, safe, secure supplies of water, now, and for generations to come."

    Bill Monture | Men's Fire Spokesperson

    "Let the Greenbelt put a pause on development pressure in Brant County and the annexed lands until our land claims are addressed."